If you are a entrepreneur or a teacher of entrepreneurship, we’ve put together this page for you.

Explore the resources section to find information, briefings and activities for entrepreneurs whoa re starting and running new enterprises.

Web Resources

Kauffman Foundation Research Series: Firm Formation and Economic Growth These include papers on start-ups and job creation, high growth firms’ impact on the US economy and the sustainability of jobs created by startups.

Upstart Business Incubator self test questionnaire.  Are you ready for incubation?

My slides on Slideshare – Entrepreneurship and Teaching Entrepreneurship

Spreadsheet list of Universities and Schools teaching Entrepreneurship classes – USA, Australia, New Zealand


The 35 Questions Every Business Owner Must Answer by FastGrowth Advisors, who specialise in coaching SMEs.  The questionnaire will help you gauge your readiness for accelerating an established business onto a rapid growth path.

Books and Ebooks

Becoming an Entrepreneur Preview Flipbook

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