When teaching your entrepreneurship classes, have you noticed that there aren’t any books about entrepreneurial behaviours?

We certainly know a business founder’s behaviour is a key driver of start-up success. There are many books about other aspects of starting and growing a business but to date I haven’t found advice on entrepreneur’s behaviours.

So I have written that book.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is a book based on real cases.

Entrepreneurs are typically in a hurry, and keen to get to the heart of issues. I have written short, pithy chapters in an easy-to read, illustrated format.

This is not theory, not autobiography, not a get-rich-quick manual.

Reading this book is a useful investment for anyone aspiring to entrepreneurship.

Dr Kerry Kirkland, Director Master of Entrepreneurship at the School of Business, University of Otago

“I will include it as a recommended text next year for the 2011 class. I definitely think the book is great.”

Dr Howard Frederick, Professor of Entrepreneurship Education, Deakin University and author of the textbook “Entrepreneurship Theory Process and Practice” by Frederick & Kuratko, said

Your book would be an ideal supplement to the course.”

Would you recommend it to your students?

Please judge the book by its content.

Visit this link where you can download the first two chapters free of charge.

Or reply by email to get a pdf copy of the whole book for your personal use. For bulk purchases of print editions, I discount quantities over ten. Please ask.

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