Written with the busy entrepreneur in mind, Norman Evans’ book “Becoming an Entrepreneur” is the perfect tool for anyone who has thought about starting their own business.

Many people wonder if they could be called an entrepreneur and some think about becoming an entrepreneur – Norman helps you work out whether entrepreneurship is right for you.

Reading this book will help you decide whether to become an entrepreneur; it will guide you through the behaviours you will need to cultivate in order to become successful in your business.

Using Norman’s advice you will be able to take confident steps as you set up your business so that the best entrepreneurial behaviours are harnessed to grow your business.  Being aware of common pitfalls you will gain peace of mind about the progress of your business through the key stages of growth from start-up to maturity.

Many entrepreneurial behaviours are “two sides of the same coin”.  The things that make you a great entrepreneur are also the behaviours that can bring down your business.  Learning how to harness strengths and manage weaknesses will contribute to your business success.  The case studies in this slim volume demonstrate Norman’s deep expertise by showing real business situations and different responses and behaviours of real entrepreneurs – and what happened next in their start-up journey.

By knowing as much as possible about entrepreneurship before you start your business you will be able to smooth your path and anticipate some of the issues that make building a team to grow your business and achieve your dream a probability not a possibility.

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