The Last Post

April 12th, 2014 → 11:05 am @ // No Comments

I have taken a Government role which isn’t really compatible with some of my other activities, including blogging.  So this will be my last blog.  My thanks to the rather surprising number of you who have taken the time to read my ramblings.  Here’s an offer to thank you for your listening….

As I am changing cities, and have some copies of my book (“Becoming an Entrepreneur”) that I can’t be bothered moving with me, I am making them available to anyone who reads this blog for $9 per copy plus postage.  At that price, the postage may cost more than the book, depending on where you are… so why not get one for you and one for a friend!  You can bypass the usual purchase process and price ($29) by emailing your name and delivery address to as well as how many copies you’d like.  I’ll give you a delivered price and when that’s paid by Paypal or direct to account, then I’ll send the books.

Naturally, this offer is “while stocks last”.

Thanks again for taking the time to follow my blog.


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