Catching the wave, or chasing the rabbits

November 14th, 2012 → 7:24 am @

I was at the first meeting of an ‘Entrepreneurs Club’ the other day.  The discussion focused around how to get into international markets, and specifically whether we should use a traditional goal setting/marketing driven systematic approach, or should instead focus on chasing ‘easy wins’ to build credibility and cashflow.

One academic suggested that entrepreneurs are timid because we often focus on markets we know and contacts we can leverage.  An advisor from a large consultancy firm supported that view, arguing for more market-focused planning to ensure we find and understand the best market to address.

Their views reflect a common opinion of entrepreneurs.  We’re seen as unstructured and often undisciplined, like hounds chasing rabbits in a field of opportunities.  The evidence cited is the lack of a complete plan, and a tendency to abandon opportunities when better ones come along.  But that’s not what I see happening.  Entrepreneurship is more like surfing, and the more innovative the business opportunity the more a surfing analogy applies. (more…)

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