Developing entrepreneurs’ skills

July 30th, 2012 → 5:58 pm @

Many entrepreneurs I’ve worked with become trapped in patterns of behaviour.  They’ve tried a certain sales style, a way of interacting with staff, or a planning process, and it worked.  So they keep doing things the way they always do them.  Then, because they’re self-confident and opinionated people, they start to see their way as the only way.  They preach the mantra of ‘learning by doing’ but they have lost the ability to learn, because they fail to reflect on their own behaviour (using all their reflection time to think about business problems). I help entrepreneurs to regain their flexibility of thought by encouraging a cycle of action, reflection, then more action.  That’s pretty standard stuff, and it can be very helpful, particularly if they have to account to me or their Board for the outcomes of the reflection.  But now I’m trying something else. (more…)

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