Assembling a Board of Directors

June 18th, 2012 → 8:12 am @

Last week I facilitated a discussion of Governance with a Master of Entrepreneurship class. Before the class, I sat over a leisurely lunch reviewing my notes.  I felt uneasy, and realised that I wasn’t comfortable about what I was about to say.  So I explored the source of my discomfort.

The problem was simple.  I had prepared a strong case for good governance in start-up companies, and clearly identified the differences between governing young companies and governing more established ventures.   But I had glossed over the biggest ‘real world’ issue …. Most start-ups I’ve come across would have been better off without a Board than with the Boards they assembled.  It’s hard to promote something which is theoretically valuable but which has so often proven to be useless or even harmful to the start-up. (more…)

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