Having too much focus

May 17th, 2011 → 8:23 am @

Investors spend a lot of time keeping young entrepreneurs focused on the critical tasks.  Like a dog in a field full of rabbits, the inexperienced entrepreneur tends to run from one opportunity to another without closing any of them. That behaviour, and the techniques used by investors and Boards to keep the founders focused, are well known. 

But sometimes the need for focus can be overemphasised, particularly in the seed and start-up phases of company development.

Typically, in the seed phase, the idea is still being turned into a marketable product.  In the start-up phase a company is being organised to get that product to market.  In each case, there are typically many variables which are unknown… these may include optional features which may be important, extent of functionality validation required, size of each potential market, specific customer needs, correct segments to target, and many other factors.  Now that many companies are “born global” the variables are multiplied as geographic, cultural, and other issues become more immediate. (more…)

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