Speaking the other guy’s language

April 1st, 2011 → 12:57 pm @

We spend a lot of time in business, and in personal relationships, trying to ‘get our message across’.  Relationships fall apart, and deals are lost through communication failure.  I thought this morning about the difficulty of communicating simple messages about how to build a company.

An aspiring entrepreneur was sitting in my office.  I had just advised him to get his team focused around an achievable target, allocate tasks with agreed delivery dates, and manage the delivery of the target (in this case, trial customers for the product).  He was confused; “But you told me once before that entrepreneurs have to be innovative and flexible, and change the plan dynamically as they build the business.  Now you’re telling me we need to decide exactly what to do, and stick to it.  Which is right?” (more…)

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