Captain Kirk calls for entrepreneurs to step-up

October 22nd, 2010 → 2:37 pm @

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Yesterday I went to a luncheon where business people were briefed on how they might use the 2011 Rugby World Cup, which is being hosted by New Zealand, as an opportunity to build their global business relationships.

The guest speaker was David Kirk, who captained the winning New Zealand team at the first Rugby World Cup in 1987.  He then went on to a stellar business career.

“Captain Kirk” (as he’s fondly known in NZ), gave us the expected run-down on which teams had a chance of winning the tournament… no prizes for guessing who he saw as the team to beat!…

But I was more excited by his opening comments.

He made a passionate plea for people to step up and maximise the entrepreneurial opportunities to build export businesses.  Yes, even the captains of industry are now championing the “entrepreneur” word!

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‘The’ Secret of Success – freedom to focus on the business

October 18th, 2010 → 10:03 am @

A woman invited me to have a coffee with her the other day.  So I met her at Mojo, the coffee shop below my office.  She wanted advice about starting her business and was extremely keen to hear the ‘secrets of success’. 

As the conversation progressed, I started recognising my own language in the questions she was asking and she eventually pulled out a book to indicate a point she wanted to discuss.  The book was “Becoming an Entrepreneur”, and she’d gotten her hands on a pre-launch copy.

It was a huge shock to me to see my book with the pages folded down and scrawled with notes.  It was daunting to realise that someone was about to use what I’d written as their guidebook, and I immediately began to consider what was the number one ‘secret of success’ that I’d want her to take away. (more…)

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