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I have started reading Quicksprout and writing answers to some of the entrepreneur’s questions posted there.  Publishing the answers I give both on their site and here should give the opportunity to build a catalogue of answers.  Please contact me if you have a question you’d like answered.

At what point of a lean startup model should the product launch process begin?

As some one who works as a product launch manager I have been looking at how to find the right angle to approach VC’s to due product launches for their incubator’s as a outside consultant. I believe the right approach on this is to talk with VC’s. Can someone add some valuable insights on how I should approach this?

My answer

I’ve launched 40 start-ups and the answer is always the same… “You should begin the launch process as soon as you are sure you can sustain theprocess to completion.”  That means, the earlier the better as long as you have enough money to fund the launch, product available to meet expected demand, channel relationships in place, and so on.

The value you can add as a consultant is to get in early and help plan the launch so that the company goes to market as soon as possible, but fully prepared.  I have a marketing person helping me with a launch right now.  She sold her services by adding value in the pre-launch phase so I was prepared to trust her with the launch.

This perspective is not a VCs. I am an entrepreneur and investor, but I also run a business incubator so I’m pretty aware of what investors, incubators, and the entrepreneurs need.

They need credible help.

Unfortunately, the world is full of “consultants” who talk a big game but can’t deliver.  Be prepared to prove you can deliver and you’ll never be short of work.

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